The no-nonsense framework for indexing smart contracts on Tezos.
Powered by Taquito and TypeScript/JavaScript.

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Easy to learn

Step 1: Install

Install the CLI package in your project (Dappetizer works with Node 14 and newer).

npm install @tezos-dappetizer/cli

Step 2: Scaffold an indexer

Tell Dappetizer to find your contract and generate an empty indexer for it.

npx dappetizer init KT1...

Step 3: Write your logic

The framework will call your methods when something interesting happens on the blockchain.

function indexTransfer(p: TransferParam) {
    console.log('Things are happening!');

Step 4: Run the Indexer

Run Dappetizer to start indexing the blockchain.

npx dappetizer start

Batteries included


Dappetizer has built-in support for storing your data with TypeORM. Hasura lets you expose your data automatically.



Indexers generated using Dappetizer already come with a Dockerfile and can be deployed easily as Docker containers.


Token Support

We provide a ready-made module that indexes Tezos tokens, balances, transfers and more. Build your own indexer on top.